A fly-by, with Guy Myles

Flying Colours Network Launch.

We recently held our first annual Flying Colours National Conference. This was a great opportunity to unite our regional IFA and support teams for the very first time under the same roof. 

Guy Myles : 01. 11. 2017
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Nearing retirement? Here’s what the future may hold

Retirement can be the best time of your life - you’ve worked long and hard, perhaps had kids, and now you can turn your full attention to whatever you like.

Guy Myles : 01. 11. 2017

The miracle of compounding

American rapper 50 Cent hit the headlines in July 2015 after filing for bankruptcy. This was all a bit ironic from someone made famous from an album, titled: ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. 

Guy Myles : 01. 11. 2017

Should you transfer out of a defined benefit pension?

The pensions world is in crisis, partly because of changing regulations, partly because of bad management, but mainly because we’re all living longer – and we all need more money to keep us going through our longer retirements. 

defined benefit pensions

Guy Myles : 30. 09. 2017

Wealth Management Isn’t Just For The 'Wealthy'

 If you’re entering the home straight on the long journey towards retirement, it’s natural to start feeling more than a little anxious about the state of your savings. 

Guy Myles : 26. 08. 2017
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Can you afford to retire?

They say that numbers never lie, but they can certainly be confusing. For most of us, calculating whether we have enough for retirement is likely to be one of the most complicated set of sums we ever do. Can you actually afford to retire?

Guy Myles : 01. 06. 2017

Take it or leave it? Pension commencement lump sum options

Whether it’s to invest in the house, the family, or that sports car you’ve always dreamed of, accessing the entirety of your tax-free Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) in one go can be a tempting option.

Education, Financial Planning

Ben Cowley : 20. 04. 2017
Can you afford to retire - Flying Colours

Don't miss out on your tax-free ISA allowance

We've been speaking to lots of our clients about ISAs recently. With the tax-year end deadline (April 5th) looming, it's around now that many people check to see if they can maximise the amount they contribute to these extremely tax-efficient products. That's because if you don't use your personal ISA allowance by the end of each tax year - you lose it. And nobody likes to miss out on the opportunity to reduce their tax bill!

Guy Myles : 24. 02. 2017

When To Start Planning For Retirement

Planning for your retirement can be tough. The state retirement age keeps changing, the Government can’t make its mind up whether it wants you to invest in a Workplace Pension, Lifetime ISA or a SIPP and nobody can tell you how much you need for a comfortable older age.

Financial Planning For Retirement

Ben Cowley : 27. 10. 2016

The importance of lifetime wealth planning

How to make sure there’s still money when you need it most.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Why lifetime wealth planning is an important strategy to adopt.
  • Five ‘pensions and investments 101’ tips for prudent wealth planning.

Financial Planning For Retirement

Ben Cowley : 13. 08. 2016
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The Power of Advice.

We believe advice should make you money.  

The secret to successful investing shouldn't be a secret.

The Flying Colours network of Independent Financial Advisers and Chartered Financial Planners, leverages a wealth of experience across the country in pursuit of our mission to improve the returns of the average UK investor.

Through local expertise, proven specialism in complex advice areas and constant process innovation and development, we deliver returns and efficiencies that ensure the value of the advice received exceeds the costs incurred. 

Get your Financial Flying Colours now, learn how...

...we make retirement planning a stroll...

... Inheritance tax needn't be taxing...

...the markets performed the way they have...

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