A fly-by, with Guy Myles

Flying Colours Network Launch.

We recently held our first annual Flying Colours National Conference. This was a great opportunity to unite our regional IFA and support teams for the very first time under the same roof. 

The day was made all the more informative thanks to Baroness Ros Altmann, who featured as keynote speaker much to the appreciation of all. Watch the video to learn why more and more exceptional UK Independent Financial Advisers are joining Flying Colours. 

The event served to introduce the network members to the wider organisation and facilitated the sharing of ideas and considerations for how we continue to build as the fastest growing IFA network in the country. We would like to thank our new friends at Guards Polo Club for hosting us at their truly inspiring venue, and a very special thank you to our esteemed guest, Baroness Altmann. Watch the video above to learn more about our philosophy and mission.

Why Flying Colours?

As a network, our ambition is to deliver improved returns for clients through the combination of bespoke digital capabilities and trusted advice - delivered by a proven, FCA regulated, local financial expert.

We empower our advisers to support their customers by leveraging our technical abilities to deliver best-in-class support and administration services; taking away much of the legwork of running their businesses. Our strength in advice-enabling technology and a firm focus on the power of advice to make you money, add up to a comprehensive all-in-one solution for growth from mutually beneficial adviser/customer relationships. Just the way you would want the market to work for all.

If you're an Independent Financial Adviser looking to make a positive change in the industry, get in touch with our partnerships team and we'll be happy to discuss how you could earn your Flying Colours.

The Power of Advice.

We believe advice should make you money.  

The secret to successful investing shouldn't be a secret.

The Flying Colours network of Independent Financial Advisers and Chartered Financial Planners, leverages a wealth of experience across the country in pursuit of our mission to improve the returns of the average UK investor.

Through local expertise, proven specialism in complex advice areas and constant process innovation and development, we deliver returns and efficiencies that ensure the value of the advice received exceeds the costs incurred. 

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